Yahoo! donates to USI a high-performance cluster - International recognition for scientific world-class research (26.01.2012)

Prof. Fernando Pedone of the USI Faculty of Informatics has received the donation of a cluster of high-end servers from Yahoo! in Switzerland, as part of an initiative to foster a long-term collaboration between USI and Yahoo! Research. The cluster, composed of 40 servers  totalling 320 cores and 320 GBytes of RAM, will be mainly used by the Distributed Systems group led by Prof. Pedone to do research on dependable cloud computing systems.

Cloud computing has quickly gained wide market penetration, a trend that is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. As more companies move their services to the cloud, concerns related to the availability, security, and scalability of cloud-enabled applications become of prime importance. Understanding how to design and implement such systems is one of the axes of research pursued by the group at USI in collaboration with the Scalable Computing team at Yahoo Research in Barcelona, led by Dr. Flavio Junqueira. The new infrastructure will help assess the performance of novel solutions for dependable cloud computing systems.

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