Corporate design - the logo

Simple and recognizable, the USI logo is an integral part of the identity of Università della Svizzera italiana:

The logo is unique; it is authorized for use only by employees of the Università della Svizzera italiana for work-related projects; others can use them ONLY with prior authorization (contact: The logo uses the only correct legal name of the university: "Università della Svizzera italiana". Translations of the name are not allowed.


Variations of the logo

USI logo consists of several elements which include (from left to right) USI, the Faculty and Institute / Laboratory / Master / Department affiliation:

Logo USI

Info for printing on A4 size (letterhead)

Text font:

  • Frutiger Bold 10 pt / 12 pt
    (To use on version with one level and on last level of the logo)
  • Frutiger Light 10 pt / 12 pt

Rule Width

  • horizontal 0.3 pt

Vertical bar width

  • 5 x 30 mm = university
  • 2.5 x 30 mm = faculty
  • 0.3 pt x 30 = institute/lab/master/service


Info for usage of the logo on the web 

Text Font:

  • Frutiger Bold 10 pt / 12 pt
    (Use bold on all levels for ease of reading on the screen)

Rule Width:

  • horizontal: 1 pt

Vertical Bar Width:

  • 5 x 30 mm = University
  • 2.5 x 30 mm = Faculty
  • 1 pt x 30 = Institute/Laboratory/Master/Service (also for when the logo is on the second level)


Usage rules

No modifications are allowed; in particular, heed the following usage rules:

  • all elements of the logo are inseparable;
  • it is not allowed to insert other images inside the logo*; in case of documents that need to contain more logos - for instance initiatives promoted by several institutions - we recommend therefore to use the logo with the short thread (since it is not allowed to insert other images, not even above the thread);
  • proportions and fonts must be maintained;
  • the first of level of USI logo is provided only in Italian: English can be used on the second and third level.

The only modification allowed is the length of the horizontal rule, which can be changed as needed (without becoming shorter than the height of the logo).

Logo colors

Modification of the logo colors is forbidden; the only exception is the negative version (white) used on dark backgrounds. Logos should be used with the background color corresponding to the particular faculty.

We invite you to use the logos below, available for download (preferably in vector format, EPS):

The specific logo of an Institute, a Laboratory, a Master or a Service can be requested from We ask you in particular to not reproduce any logo pertaining to USI without contacting the Graphic Design Service.

The swissuniversities logo is a trademark bringing all Swiss Universities together

The Swissuniversities brand aims at promoting and reinforcing the cooperation between different players of the Swiss academic system (cantonal universities, federal institutes of technology, universities of applied science, universities of teacher education in Switzerland) and at coordinating them on national territory.

The swissuniversities logo brings together all players of the Swiss post-secondary education:

Logo swissuniversities

Here you can find the terms of use for the swissuniversities logo and the high definition downloadable versions in different formats.



A partial exception is the logo of the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB) in Bellinzona, which has been affiliated with USI since 2009. The visual identity of IRB is now integrated with that of Università della Svizzera italiana, while retaining some of its features, including color, which characterised the Institute during its first 10 years of activity.

Logo IRB